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After Derek aided me in passing my physical readiness test, I continued to train with him, and not only did he make the routines more fun for me, but he left me with the knowledge to push myself safely in my workouts, and also educated me.
I only had 6 weeks until my PT test in the Navy. Derek listened to me and took my concerns into account and designed a training and diet regimen for me that allowed me to lose 10 pounds, 7 percent body fat and I scored very well on my test.
Let me start by saying that I am a C6-7 Quadriplegic in a wheelchair. Ever since our first consultation, he continues to check up on me, offering new workouts and advice, and overall caring about my physical health.
Derek provides a personalized workout plan based on the goals you have set for yourself. The flexibility of being able to come to your home is convenient and a big plus. Derek provides a personalized routine.
DS Fitness is owned and operated by Derek Joseph Seiler, an accomplished and talented personal trainer in San Diego who wants to help you reach your personal fitness goals. For Derek, fitness isn’t just about pushing through the pain. Fitness is about building a connection that empowers individuals to accomplish their goals and maintain their momentum long after a training session ends. This is why Derek brings a personal approach to every training because he wants you to remain educated, motivated, and dedicated to reaching your goals. Whether you’re looking to get into shape or to improve your workout routine, Derek is the health coach who is willing and able to help you.

At DS Fitness, education, motivation, and dedication are the most important things. If you’re not motivated, you won’t go to the gym after work; if you’re not educated, you’ll likely pursue the wrong workouts; and if you’re not dedicated, you’ll simply give up. DS Fitness targets these three aspects of physical training and helps the individual succeed in each. By creating structured routines, clear goals, and a strong partnership, Derek works alongside you to achieve your fitness dreams.

Derek can provide one-on-one training, group training, and Skype training. 

At DS Fitness, we bring the gym to you at a fraction of the cost. Call Derek at (386) 748-9298 today to receive the services of a professional, dedicated, and friendly fitness coach. 

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